In my opinion, the best nights to spend with you are not nights when we have sex until 6 in the morning. The best nights are when you lay in bed next to me and you just talk. You talk nonsense. You compliment me without even thinking about it because you’re so tired. You say things that you normally wouldn’t say. Those are the best nights because you tell me you love me with such a sincere tone that there’s no way I can’t believe you. You tell me I’m beautiful. You tell me you’re so lucky to be with me. You just stare blankly at the ceiling and you say “I love you so much.” You just look so innocent. You wrap your arms around me and bury your head into my chest then you whisper, “I can’t wait until we can do this every night.” I can’t help but smile. Those are the best nights. Those nights will always be the best nights.